MK2 214mm Build Plate for 3D Printer, 214mm x 214mm x 2mm

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Mamorubot PolyPlate

This is a build plate developed by Mamorubot

This build plate is a rigid and strong alternative to using regular glass/mirrors on top of your aluminum heated bed. The build plate is very rigid, but must be supported by a properly flat and level bed.

The build surface provides superior adhesion to most filaments, and releases the part effortlessly as soon as it´s cooled down. (We have tested PLA, PLA+, ABS, PETG.)

You can also use several plates in rotation, and just switch them out with another one to reduce downtime between prints. It gives a smooth mirror finish on your bottom layer when levelled to the correct distance from your nozzle.

Polypropylene Build Plate from Mamorubot, 214mm x 214mm x 2mm in size, Ex. Anet A8, MK2 and etc.


How to use your new PolyPlate

Note: the polypropylene build plate has different properties than a glass or mirror plate.

  1. Remove old build plate
  2. Make sure bed is level and flat in all directions
  3. Install your new polypropylene build plate and make sure it is securely fastened to the print bed.
  4. If you have a heated bed, please heat bed to normal operating temperature for 5 minutes.
  5. When bed is heated, double check for flatness.
  6. Perform your leveling routine. Bed may require adjustments to level due to differences in plate thickness
  7. Note that some adjustment to previous bed temperature settings may be required. Make test prints to verify proper adhesion.
  8. Heat the bed and clean it with Isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth before start the new print

Suggested Bed temperatures may vary depending on filament material.
Temperature settings for different filaments:

PLA  50-70℃
Flexible filament 50-70℃
ABS 100-125℃ ( 110℃ is recommended )
PC 100-130℃ ( 120℃ is recommended )
Nylon 90-120℃ ( 110℃ is recommended )
PP 100-130℃ ( 120℃ is recommended )
PETG 50-85℃


Enjoy stress free printing with your new Mamorubot build plate!

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