Mamorubot 405nm Uv Rigid Resin for LCD/DLP 3D Printer

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Mamorubot DLP/LCD Resin for 3D DLP/LCD Printer


Advantages of Mamorubot Resin

  • Curing time is short
  • The surface of the finished product is smooth
  • High precision
  • The finished product has good strength

1. The product is for one-time use and can not be reused.
2. Environmental requirement: It is recommended that ambient temperature be controlled at 20-28℃, to avoid direct light during use, try to isolate children and pregnant women.
3. Wear mask and gloves before use to avoid direct contact with the skin and keep the room ventilated, with caution for people who are allergic to acrylics, protective measures should be taken and thoroughly cleaned after operation.
4. Store under cool, shade and dry environment without direct light, recommended storage at room temperature.
5. Shake the resin for 1 to 2 minutes before use to prevent sedimentation.



Model Rigid Resin
Amount 1000ml (1kg) & 100ml
Odor Low
Absorption Wavelength
Item Weight 
Package Size
Printer Compatibility  Any LCD/DLP printer like EPAX X1, Anycubic Photon, Wanhao D7, Phrozen, Monoprice etc


 Printing Setting*

Normal exposure 5-15 seconds 
First layer exposure 20-60 seconds
Print temperature 20-28℃

Depending on the type of 3D printer


Resin Attribute

Easy to print
Fast curing time
Low odor
Can print very detail

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