MAMORUBOT build plate/printing platform + PET film

  • $15.90

This product is the latest advance technology for 3D printing build plate solution from MAMORUBOT.

It is made of 3 mm thick glass fibre board and has the following characteristics:

1. It can be printed directly on it, lighter than glass, and not easy to break.

2. After printing, it is easy to take the prints and release it.

3. The surface is smooth and easy to leveling.

4. It has certain strength and can make up for the defect of uneven hot bed.

5. Reference manual for setting temperature of hot bed.

6. Good after-sales service. The support is direct from Mamorubot to make sure you get best support, If you have any questions, you can contact the mailbox:

7. This product will be sent direct from China, shipping time is around 7-31  days (depend on your location).

8. This product will be ship separately if you combine with other other item, the shipping tracking from our website will not cover this product, you will get different tracking link by email.


Each product distributes two films, which are attached to the surface of the product and can be printed without heating bed. This is one of the company's latest research and development products, are the first release.

Please make sure you choice the correct size for your printer, picture may not represent the real product size. 


Package included:

1 x Build plate

1 x Silver PET film

1 x White PET film

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